Bringing Online Learning to Your Workforce

  • QU Linked – Connects your workforce with current, relevant education and training
  • QU Linked – Our programs are delivered in a convenient online setting where students learn alongside some of the brightest professionals in the nation
  • QU Linked – Delivers online bachelor degree, master degree and certificate programs designed with the working adult in mind
  • QU Linked – Provides partnership tuition discounts for all online programs
  • QU Linked – Offers an array of customized education and training workforce solutions, designed and delivered by the award winning team at Quinnipiac University Online

What is QU Linked?

QU Linked is a 360 degree educational partnership program benefiting organizational and corporate partners and their employees. We work with regional and global corporations, health systems, hospitals, school districts and professional organizations to provide discounted educational opportunities to employees and / or members.

Our expanding program offerings cover a broad range of industries and specialties including, media and communications, health care, nursing, business and education.